Press Release

Maureen WhitehouseLet’s stop fighting with our food.
This Expert brings love back to mealtime.

Sometimes all that people need to do to eat better is to find a healthy helping of inspiration to see things differently, seasoned with a well-presented mix of nutrition education.

Maureen Whitehouse artfully combines her knowledge as an expert in nutrition and spirituality to address an appealing and often obsessive topic for Americans – the way we eat. Her latest book, Soul-Full Eating, leads readers to better choices by showing them how to discover the foods that are truly satisfying for them as individuals. She looks at this as being satisfied with the food on a “Soul” level.

Maureen Whitehouse’s extensive knowledge of nutrition grew from the demand to maintain a “picture perfect” image as a model and commercial actress. Surrounded by other women who took drastic measures to stay in shape, she took a path of self-love to learn what would keep her both trim and healthy. Her new book Soul-Full Eating is an artful compilation of her 20+ years of experience with nutrition and is a virtual encyclopedia of how to eat well.

The Founder of Axiom and the author of the Transformational Triad, Maureen Whitehouse has used spiritual principles to help thousands of people to radically shift their perception of challenge, transition and change.