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 – Learn more about Axiom Inc., founder Maureen Whitehouse, and the other Conscious Living Programs and Services we offer. – Stop counting calories, carbs and pounds…and count your blessings instead! Learn more about Maureen’s ground-breaking program Food: A Love Story, 30 Days of Soul-Full Eating.



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I’m thankful to Maureen for the tenfold leaps and bounds I’ve been able to experience under her guidance — a journey into feeling safe, respected and fully empowered to be me. Somehow — because of her blessing ways — I’ve found my true voice, a clear voice.

A clear voice matters in Business, especially in leadership positions. A clear voice leads little room for ambiguity. But most importantly it can motivate people as it affirms a belief in the strategic vision of a leader.

I strongly recommend Maureen’s work to anyone in business seeking to find their true voice, remedy their shortcomings, accelerate professional growth and enhance their personal life – those who would like to experience true success.


JP Michel

Vice President at JP Morgan Chase & Co. Founder and President of Cognit Enterprises, an Insurance Business Software Company in New York, and Founder of Blue Ocean Harvest

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