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Speaking_Round_SMALLMaureen offers her Soul-Full Eating message world-wide to three important and unique interest groups. For more specific information, follow the link to the one that your group or organization resonates with most:

A Spiritual Message: Food as a Path to Higher Consciousness

A Sustainable Message: Healing the Planet One Plate of Food at a Time

A Health and Wellness Message: Never Diet Again


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Maureen is a consummate professional, delivering high-energy, thought provoking programs that perfectly suit the forward-thinking vision you want your organization to incorporate.

Her dynamic, customized, and compelling talks help bring her audiences to a higher awareness of their capability to be outstanding, bringing a new-found sense of success to their professional and personal lives. No other speaker out there can so deftly pull an audience into realizing their infinite potential while bringing such engrossing real-world experience, knowledge and passion to the table.

Your co-workers and employees will learn how to adopt a powerful belief system that will help them embrace a visionary perspective—to accomplish all they desire, and live a life they love!

We honor all bureau contacts, maintain fee integrity and we’re happy to work with you to easily wrap up an agreement. We will provide you with first-class, professional program and marketing materials, which are bureau friendly. We are also happy to customize them for you. Let us help you make your event a spectacular success!

Visit for the important forms you will need to book Maureen to speak, and to see a complete list of all the topics Maureen speaks about.

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Love Your Body. Love Your Life.

Book Maureen to Speak.

You would be hard pressed to find a more inspiring speaker than Maureen Whitehouse. She has the uncanny ability to deeply connect with any audience and motivate them toward greater teamwork, connectivity and more authentic relationships.


Nola Masterson

President and CEO, Science Futures Inc.

Since your wonderful Soul-Full Eating talk at Whole Foods I use all 5 of my senses whenever I shop, prepare food and especially when I eat… I even smelled the olive oil as I poured it into a bowl yesterday. This Soul-Full approach has not only helped me to eat better but to catch those moments we so often flit or worry away.

Mary Pepitone

Maureen is truly a leader among leaders. You would do well to hang onto her every word.
Amy Fox

Co-Founder, Mobius Leardership Inc.

When Maureen speaks you cannot help but listen. Her words feed the spiritually hungry the most delectable feast. Participants are called to expand, evolve, forgive, accept and allow more Grace into their lives. Her audience leaves feeling more grateful, inspired, enriched, healed, humbled and safe.

She is professional, courteous, kind and a joy to work with.


Events Coordinator, The Sivananda Ashram, Paradise Island, Bahamas

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