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Maureen_Red_top2_200[1]Maureen Whitehouse is a renowned expert in eco-spiritual nutrition and the award winning author of Food: A Love Story and best-selling Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness. Her expansive knowledge of nutrition grew from the demand to maintain a “picture perfect” image as an international model and commercial actor. This initial goal led to decades of experiences traversing the globe, voraciously studying the world’s diverse nutritional and spiritual traditions.

She currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a teaching fellow at the Harvard Divinity School doing research on mindfulness and food ethos.

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Maureen’s passion & enthusiasm for a love-based, sustainable and healthy lifestyle is an inspiration. In Soul-Full Eating, Maureen gently yet engagingly coaches us on how to put love first, how to feed ourselves with compassion and how to make choices that benefit the whole of the planet — in essence, to fulfill our Soul’s purpose. Her Soul-Full words and brilliantly appealing exercises allow us to become full of vitality as we put into practice the information in this meaningful, well researched book.

“If words like GMO, organic, yin/yang, grass-fed and Ayurveda make you scratch your head, then this is the primer book for you. In fact, this is a MUST-own resource for everyone who eats and breathes!

“Expect a dramatic change of attitude while reading.

Linda Collie

Organic Farm Owner & Healing Arts Professional

Reading Soul-Full Eating has been a fascinating experience. At first I skipped all around as if to gobble it all up at one time. There is SO MUCH food for thought in this book. I especially loved Chapter 36 – Thought-fullness vs. Thought-lessness. It made me think of space (or my lack thereof) in a whole different way. I think it’s even helping me de-clutter the house!

Edie Richardson

When I first heard of Soul-Full Eating I thought to myself, I don’t need that.  I have been a vegan for years, I was raised as a vegetarian and I know all about diet, food and nutrition.  However a few rave reviews peaked my curiosity, and I ventured down to Barnes & Nobles to take a look at this book.  I had no intention of buying it. I sat down in a comfortable chair to quickly leaf through it…and to my amazement found myself thinking, I have to have this book. I love it!

“It wasn’t about whether I knew or didn’t know the facts on its pages – more importantly, it showed me that there is a spiritual connection with food that I wasn’t aware of.  A connection that I was missing. Now, after meeting Maureen at a lecture and book signing, I hear her voice as I read and reread this divine book.  And best of all, I am making that spiritual connection each time I eat.

Muriel Leibowitz

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