Easter season for many people is the perfect time to cultivate a more tangible Soul-Full connection…

In numerous parts of the world, spring is in the air and families are celebrating the Easter holiday with cheerful gatherings, tasty treats and, of course, brightly colored eggs.

It’s the perfect time to try new, creative, mindful methods of egg decorating and spring-themed dessert making…

Like these recipes for made-from-scratch food coloring!

The added benefit of this creative endeavor is that it reinforces in the kiddies (or loved ones of absolutely any age) an appreciation for fresh, whole, vibrantly colored foods. Red bell peppers, purple eggplant, green spinach, blueberries and rainbow chard are all examples of healthy foods whose bright colors are a sign of the important nutrients they contain.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest estimates that fifteen million pounds of artificial dyes are poured into our foods every year by U.S. food manufacturers. BUT avoiding artificial food dyes is actually incredibly easy. Simply read your food labels, and always choose whole, fresh foods over processed ones whenever you can.

And whatever you choose to prepare, serve and eat, always do it with love. Happy Easter!