Our Rating: SOOOOO Good
Address: 300 East 12th Street (between 1st and 2nd)
Hours: Open 7 Days a Week, 11:30 am- 10:30 pm
Contact: 212-228-2909 angelicakitchen.com

photo courtesy Angelica Kitchen

Review via Maureen Whitehouse

It was 95 degrees in Manhattan the day I decided to take refuge from the heat in one of NYC’s finest eateries, Angelica Kitchen. What an oasis! I felt immediately refreshed as the hostess engaged me in conversation while showing me to my table in this open, airy and lively establishment. Although they pretty much had me at hello, my experience heightened as at the suggestion of Angelica’s owner, Leslie MeEaohom, I left the sweaty city streets far, far behind while sipping a luscious Hibiscus Cooler.
Only then, after basking in the light and airy ambience, did I peruse Angelica’s superb menu, which is full of eclectic yet down-home choices that are a combination of vegan and raw food: Breads and Spreads, Soups, Starters and Sides, Salads, Dragon Bowls and Entrees.

All of Angelica’s food is prepared on-site, fresh each day, using “Intuitive Cooking” (Conscious!) practices. The menu changes not only seasonally, but daily, according to weather, availability of ingredients, and the personal creativity of their chefs. They use first quality organically grown ingredients, which I was told are most often served less than forty-eight hours after harvest. In addition, they use no refined sugars, no preservatives, no dairy, no eggs—no animal products whatsoever. If you go to Angelica’s alone you can opt to sit at your own table or at their community table, which is always available for solo diners who wish to join others for a meal.

Angelica’s stated mission is to serve fresh, delicious food in an atmosphere where sustainable agriculture and responsible business practices are the main ingredients. As they say on their website, “This combination reflects our deep respect for the environment and our gratitude toward the dedicated people who produce our food. Our guarantee: a minimum of 95% of all food used to prepare our menu has been grown ecologically.” A perfect Soul-Full Eating winning combination.

Photo courtesy Angelica Kitchen.