Maureen Whitehouse

Speaking With Soul

The Art of Impromptu Inspiration

Date: Sept 13, 2008  8am-4pm

Most professional speakers work long and hard to developing their Signature speech – the presentation that will help them make their mark and propel them to the heights of success – their Masterpiece! They tweak it, hone it, polish it, perfect it and then market it ad infinitum – only to find that somewhere along this arduous path, they lose themselves in all of it. There is a better way…

Learn How to Speak from Your Soul

During this mind-expanding, heart-opening and empowering workshop with Maureen you will discover how to see your craft in a whole new light. Join her as she vividly illustrates:

  • The Art of Showing up
  • Ways to Spontaneously Tap Spirit
  • The Authority of Presence
  • Listening – as the most important aspect of speaking
  • The Power of Laughter
  • There is never a dull present moment
  • How your Closing can be Just the Beginning, and more…

Move mountains with your Words and Help Create a Whole New reality!

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