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Never Diet Again


Are you a war veteran of what seems to be a constant battle with your weight? Or are you just interested in attaining superior health and wellness, inner and outer balance and a greater sense of self worth?

There are scores of diets out there, and although these programs may be well intentioned, their many conflicting approaches are confusing and tiresome at best. No one knows this better than Maureen Whitehouse, who spent over two decades working as an international fashion model before becoming a best-selling author and spiritual teacher.

Trying to maintain that “picture perfect” physique without succumbing to the often self destructive antics of a high-stress industry, Maureen spent the early part of her modeling career reading hundreds of books and attending lectures, workshops and retreats by every known (and unknown) wellness authority of the day. What did she discover? Besides becoming a health expert in her own right, she found that the key ingredient most diet plans are missing is LOVE.

Using the core principles expressed in her books Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness and Food: A Love Story, Maureen will guide you on the path of the “non-diet” – that is, an approach to life without confusion, judgment, or fear!

This topic is relevant to you if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You are sick and tired (literally!) of following an endless parade of diets – from the tried and true, to the latest fad.
  • You’ve devoured most any piece of diet advice and nutritional information you can get your hands on.
  • You have wondered if you’ll ever be able to just sit down and really enjoy a guilt-free meal with family and friends.
  • You’ve found yourself faced with food obsession or compulsive eating disorders such as binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, emotional over eating, fast food addiction or even depression.
  • You crave vibrant health and a greater sense of balance, self-love, and connectivity in all aspects of your life NOW.

Join us on this delicious, soul-satisfying path and you will learn how to stop counting calories, carbs and pounds…and count your blessings instead!

Soul-Full Eating
is congruent and fully compatible to weight loss programs that promote greater self awareness such as Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous.

Maureen also speaks on a variety of other important and inspiring Soul-Full topics. Visit our main corporate website to see the complete list of subjects, and for all the necessary forms you will need to book Maureen to present to your company, group or organization.


A Spiritual Message: Food as a Path to Higher Consciousness

A Sustainable Message: Healing the Planet One Plate of Food at a Time


Love Your Body. Love Your Life.
A Whole New Way of Looking at the Way We Eat.
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Life changing! Maureen addresses not only your health and well-being, but how you can liberate your life.
Dr. Gabriela Cora M.D.

Best-selling Author, Alpha Female

Maureen helps people awaken to the simple but life changing choices we all have when it comes to living a healthy and passionate life. She is a bright beacon of practical wisdom
Dr. Darren R. Weissman

Author, The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude, Company Name

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