A Spiritual Message

Food as a Path to Higher Consciousness


“When Maureen speaks you cannot help but listen. Her words feed the spiritually hungry the most delectable feast. Participants are called to expand, evolve, forgive, accept and allow more Grace into their lives. Her audience leaves feeling more grateful, inspired, enriched, healed, humbled and safe. She is professional, courteous, kind and a joy to work with.”
~Omkara, Events Coordinator, The Sivananda Ashram, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

What if, when sitting down to a sumptuous meal, considering that tray of delightful hors d’oeuvres or decadent desserts, you realize that it is actually possible to Eat your way to Enlightenment?

There are so many ways we can miss the opportunity to live a supremely fulfilling life. But what surprises most people is that eating offers an aspect of satisfaction which is often overlooked… that is, when you choose foods that resonate with your Soul!

Amid the vast (and often contradictory) wealth of both traditional and modern nutrition practices, award-winning author and spiritual teacher Maureen Whitehouse believes in only one nutrition axiom: Eat with love what’s grown with love, prepared with love, and served with love. Transcending all cultural, societal and religious boundaries, this simple principle has the power to transform our health as well as to open up each and every one of us to a daily experience of the divine.

Guided by Maureen’s extensive, hands-on knowledge of nutrition and spirituality, you will learn how to integrate and apply the principles of many traditions to create a lifestyle that’s both stomach and Soul satisfying. You’ll walk away with a profound knowledge of self-love, viewing food not just as a way to fuel and nurture your body, but as a communion – with your community, the world around you, and your Soul.

Maureen also speaks on a variety of other important and inspiring Soul-Full topics. Visit our main corporate website to see the complete list of subjects, and for all the necessary forms you will need to book Maureen to present to your company, group or organization.


A Sustainable Message: Healing the Planet One Plate of Food at a Time

A Health and Wellness Message: Never Diet Again

Eat Your Way to Enlightenment.
Eat with Love, What’s Grown with Love, Prepared with Love and Served with Love.

Every religious tradition describes the ‘still, small voice within’ that speaks clearly but quietly. When we listen to our inner wisdom, we tend to choose foods and ways of living that are more healthful, as Soul-Full Eating describes.
Dean Ornish

Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Maureen’s splendid book, Soul-Full Eating, is an absolute joy! It is filled with valuable information that can turn your meals into peak spiritual experiences. I recommend it
Denise Linn

Author, The Soul Loves the Truth and Four Acts of Personal Power, Company Name

Soul-Full Eating reveals the importance of the spiritual element to healthy eating. When people are spiritually deficient, they often make poor food choices, leading to health and weight problems. Maureen Whitehouse’s book unlocks the secret to having power over one’s eating choices, as opposed to feeling out-of-control. If you are tired of being on the diet roller coaster, this book will get you off and get you to the heart of the issues underlying healthy food choices.
Patricia Fitzgerald

Author, The Detox Solution

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