16553 Brookhurst St Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Hours: Tues-Weds-Thurs-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm Friday & Saturday 11:30am-10:00pm Closed Mondays
Contact: 714 -418-0658,

Au Lac Vegetarian

Review via Maureen Whitehouse.

My absolute favorite thing about Au Lac was not the terrific food or newly remodeled ambiance, but the fact that its Chef Ito took a vow of silence several years ago. He gregariously meets and greets customers at mealtime with a soundless, reverent sense of peace and calm that elevates the dining experience for me to a whole new level.

This is most definitely one of my most beloved destinations when I am in LA. Whether you eat raw, vegan food or are just a wanna-be-healthy-eater, you could sup here every day and not get bored for lack for choices. Although the vegan Vietnamese and Chinese food dishes are out of this world, it’s Au Lac’s raw food menu that I found to stand out. My favorites include the Pistachio Bread (which the menu says is one of the chef’s favorites as well) and the Avocado Pond (avocado served with the chef’s special raw version of yummy ponzu sauce). If you want an amazing salad, order Da bowl, a light, fresh mix of greens, avocado, cucumber, raw agave, stone ground mustard, tomatoes, onions, and olive. For scrumptious raw “pasta” try De la mamma, an aromatic and generous portion of spaghetti-thin broccoli, zucchini, coconut meat, with avocado, portabella, pine nuts and dulse “fried” onions all tossed together in mama’s special pink sauce.
I’m getting hungry just writing this—really—too bad I’m in Florida!

But I’ll move on… to the raw tacos. This was the first item I ever tried on Au Lac’s menu, and I remember my friend watching me, waiting to see me take my first bite. A long “Mmmmmmmmmmm” was all that could escape me. Eyes twinkling, he said, “I knew you’d love it!” These are so deliciously tangy—a fresh cabbage wrap surrounding a perfectly ripened beefsteak tomato, white onion, special cream sauce, pistachios, mushrooms, dill pickles, avocado, red bell pepper and coconut meat. They’re appropriately listed under the “Still Hungry?” part of the menu along with one of my other raw favorites – “Mashed Potatoes” – an inventive blend of cauliflower, corn and coconut oil served with broccoli florets di olive and gravy – Delightful! So, although they’re not listed with the main entrees, you don’t want to miss these tidbits.

Do be certain to leave room for desert when dining at Au Lac. Their homemade, Vegan Mango Fruit Shell or Vegan Green Rice Flour with Coconut Milk are exotically decedent. Or you may choose one of their “imported” (from Nevada) cakes or pies, such as the Key Lime Mousse Pie – my favorite – or the Strawberry “Ice Cream” Cake. Whatever you choose to dine on at Au Lac it’s sure to be a Soul-Full experience you’ll savor.