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Join us as we explore The Heart of Slow Food Country in Turin and Damanhur, Italy!

Join Maureen Whitehouse for a Miraculous 10-Day/9-Night Sacred Culinary Adventure to the Heart of Slow Food Country in Italy for Slow Food’s premier event and the largest food festival in the world – Terra Madre Turin.

During this gastronomic spiritual odyssey you will munch, crunch, sip and savor to your heart’s delight while awakening all 5 of your senses to spirit. Join Maureen Whitehouse, seasoned expert in eco spiritual nutrition, on the food adventure of a lifetime and be led into the very epicenter of the world’s culinary traditions.

Our latest Miracle Journey with Maureen is now open for registration: Join us in September on a scintillating 10-day excursion into the heart of Italy’s Slow Food country. On this special Miracle Journey of a lifetime, Maureen will facilitate an awakening of your heart, mind and every one of your senses. Most especially taste! Along with rich cultural experiences, you will have access to transformative healing and miraculous experiences that focus on balancing, recharging and renewing as we deep dive into culinary and cultural bliss, nestled right in the foothills of the breathtaking Italian Alps.

This Exclusive Excursion to Italy includes:

  • 5 days (4 nights) in Turin, home of the famed and holy Shroud of Turin
  • Guided excursions to the Bi-Annual Slow Food Terra Madre event, known as “the Olympics of Food”
  • Participation in traditional, artisanal food experiences from around the globe
  • 5 days (5 nights) in Damanhur, a sustainable spiritual community best known for it’s extraordinary Temples of Humankind, profiled as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”
  • A Visit to the Damanhur research center for art and wellbeing with optional “Prano Selfica” healing sessions
  • An optional guided day-hike to the Sacred Wood outside of Damanhur
  • Ongoing experiential workshops and meditation sessions with Maureen
  • All excursion entrance fees and transportation

Food and how we approach it has the extraordinary power to unite us with others and nurture our connection to the Divine. This trip is by invitation only. To secure your spot, please email Maureen to schedule an in-person phone conversation: [email protected]. During this call Maureen will answer all of your questions and provide you with details of the trip. 

Come reconnect with your life, your heart and your soul on this blessed and unique journey! 

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