Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse

Be Clear, Cleansed and Conscious in 7 Days

This 150-page manual outlines the Soul-Full way to be more conscious, heal your body and transform your life in one week

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"I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me."

A Course In Miracles

The Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse gives you all the tools you need to harness the power of Spirit and revitalize yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

With this cleansing manual you will:

Flush toxins from your body to kick-start physical healing
Experience relief from chronic aches, ailments and negative thought patterns
Realign with Spirit – the bright center of your own life that guides you towards the foods and practices best suited to you
Recharge and enjoy renewed vibrancy, optimism, focus and an abundance of energy

About the Author:

Maureen Whitehouse is a respected spiritual teacher, a decades-long practitioner of spiritual psychotherapy and the award winning author of two published titles, Food: A Love Story and the best-selling Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness.

In 1996, while studying A Course in Miracles, Maureen experienced what The Course calls “The Atonement” or At-One-ment, Absolute Self Realization. Since that profound awaking, she has dedicated her life to supporting individuals on their own transformative journeys. 

Maureen is a sought-after inspirational speaker, and recently served as both a teaching fellow at the Harvard Divinity School and a research fellow at the world-renowned Harvard Langer Mindfulness Lab. She has lectured internationally on spiritual awakening in the midst of everyday life, and her teachings illuminate how our relationship with food and eating can serve as a powerful path to Self Realization.

“During the Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse I experienced something remarkable – I communed and connected with the part of myself that is already whole and complete. What a revelation. I feel divinity itself freed me from the destructive habits, fear and confusion surrounding my diet and my body.”​

Marion M.

cleanse participant

Disclaimer: The claims made on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA, and individual results may vary. The Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse is for informational and educational purposes only. The material in this book is not meant to replace medical advice. Please consult with a physician or other qualified healthcare professional before starting any new cleanse or wellness program.

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